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Mid adult female nurse comforting tensed pregnant woman leaning on window sill in hospital

Welcome to the Midwifery Education Co.

Here at the Midwifery Education Co, we have a passion for education - we know that having a good education is at the center of feeling confident when caring for families.

This is a space full of resources for students and qualified Midwives.


We sell a range of flashcards that you can have to hand at work/placement


We also sell a range of personalised goodies to celebrate your Midwifery journey


We have a range of educational webinars covering topics such as pre-eclampsia & diabetes


“I have always had a passion about Midwifery education having a good basis of anatomy and physiology. I feel that if Midwives have an understand about why a change or condition occurs, they can better understand how to treat or manage it - as well as a better ability to explain it to the families they care for.

I feel that so many universities say ‘Here are the symptoms, here is how to treat’ or they go far too in-depth into molecular level biology that is overwhelming.

My aim when creating the Midwifery Education Co. was to bridge a gap and quite simply make complex conditions make sense.”



Jayden (our founder) has had the pleasure of writing two articles that were published by The Practising Midwife.

Preventing the Jab is about cell free fetal DNA to identify fetal blood type and avoid unnecessary Anti-D use.

Tokophobia is about the fear of childbirth and challenges this can cause.

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