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  • How many tickets are available per webinar?
    At present there are 9 tickets available per webinar, this was increased from 8 about 6 months ago and I will continue to review this.
  • What do I get following the webinar?
    You get a certificate of attendance as well as a copy of the notes/diagrams made during the webinar sent to you via email.
  • Do I need to have my camera on for the webinar? Will I need to answer questions?
    No and no! During the webinar I am sharing my screen as I write out notes and draw diagrams, as a result I can’t see if your camera was on, so I am more than happy for you to keep it off. I do ask the group questions during the webinar (that you can answer by unmuting your microphone and speaking, or into the group chat) but there is no obligation to answer. I ask these questions to give myself a moment to sip water and make it more inactive for the group.
  • Can I have a recording of the webinar?
    Unfortunately, this isn’t something I offer at present due to the risk of these videos being shared widely to people who did not attend. This is something I am looking into though.
  • I missed out on a webinar I wanted to attend, will there be another chance to attend?
    I repeat nearly all of my webinars, with the most popular ones occurring around every 2 months. Occasionally I discontinue webinars or do them infrequently if they aren’t popular.
  • How do I attend the webinar?
    The webinars are held on Microsoft Teams, the software for which is free to download or you can join via your web browser. The link to the webinar is sent in your confirmation email.
  • I have purchased a ticket and can no longer attend, what is the refund policy?
    Up to a week before the webinar, you can get a full refund. The week of the webinar, you can get a 50% refund. There is no refund available for cancellations in the 24 hours leading up to the webinar, or for no-shows. The only exception is if the webinar is sold out, I can re-sale your ticket. If it successfully sells you can have a full refund. To discuss refunds contact me on:
  • I did not attend a webinar, can I still have the notes and certificate?
    We completely understand that life (and placement) can cause plans to change at last minute. If you get in contact ( and request the notes we will happily send you a copy (although they are never as good as attending the actual webinar). We will not send you the certificate, as we cannot verify how long you looked at the notes. It is a certificate of attendance of the webinar.
  • Do I need to be a student Midwife to attend?
    The webinars go ‘back to basics’ therefore it is suitable for all levels – I have everyone from aspiring student Midwives through to qualified Midwives attend! I do recommend having done or be completing A-Level Biology or access course as a foundation of biological knowledge can be helpful.
  • How long does each webinar last?
    Each webinar lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes, the only exception is the fetal monitoring webinar that lasts 2 hours in total.
  • Is there a mailing list for when webinar dates are released?
    This is something I intend to do in the future, for the time being I recommend following me on Instagram (student.midwife) or on Facebook (Midwifery Education Co. for Student Midwives) as I post when new dates are up!
  • What shipping do you offer?
    For purchases under £25 FREE Royal Mail Second class shipping (2-3 working days after dispatch), upgrade to Royal Mail First Class (1 working day after dispatch) for just £1. For purchases over £25 FREE Royal Mail First Class shipping, just be sure to select it at check-out. Shipping to most European countries also available for varying costs.
  • When you will dispatch my purchase?
    For purchases without personalised products I aim to dispatch within 3 working days at the latest. For those with personalised products I am to dispatch within 5 working days (as everything is handmade to order!).
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